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5 Things You Cannot Forget for a Wedding Reception

Your wedding day can be the most memorable and stressful day of your life, but get it right and it’s all completely worth it. Fortunately, we’re going to compile a list of important tasks and things that you have to have organised prior to your wedding reception.

Failing to be organised not only raises the pressure levels, but can lead to the entire day turning out as a disaster, so its certainly worth getting everything ready in good time.

The five areas that we’re going to cover in this article include:

  • Table layout
  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • Music
  • Venue

Getting the table layout correct:

Now this may seem minimal but put yourselves in your guests’ shoes. Would you want to be at a wedding with 100+ guests and have no idea where you need to be sitting? Probably not.

An organised seating plan not only makes things run smoother but it also helps your guests to relax and enjoy the occasion. Many wedding couples like to mix their guests around so they can mingle with one another, which is perfectly fine but make sure that you don’t get too many personalities clashing.

Ideally your seating plan needs to make everyone feel welcome and like they play an important role in your wedding reception.

Making the correct food choice:

This is a tricky area because it’s your wedding day and you want to enjoy the food you like most right? However, it’s important not to forget your guests and make sure that they have been looked after during the meal.

Something wedding planners and organisers like to do is include an area for guests to mention any allergies that they may have on their RSVP slip on the initial invite.

You’ll be surprised how many people have minor allergies that include wheat and nuts.

Your entertainment:

99.99% of weddings include a DJ but why don’t you try to think outside of the box? Photo booth hire in London is a great way to include your guests if they’re not a big fan of dancing.

Most booth packages come with a host of fancy dress props, unlimited printouts and even a physical guestbook for the bride and groom to take away with them.

Music and venue selection:

In our opinion your wedding reception venue should be somewhere that means something to you both. Traditionally, weddings where held in the town of the bride, but with things changing and traditions moving aside its not something that tends to happen too often now.

Music however, has a greater impact on the occasion. Of course, you want it to be personal but we find that it’s best to have a broad selection that appeals to a variety of tastes.

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