Surpise Party

Planning a Surprise Party

Planning a surprise party is fun, yet can be quite stressful for many. At Cloud 9 Events, we have taken part in helping many of our customers plan their friend’s/brother’s/niece’s/dog’s surprise party!

Whether it may be for a birthday or a special occasion, we have the right products and services on hand to make sure your party is one which won’t be forgotten.

Where Do I start?

Firstly, you need to know what the person likes, is it a girl or a boy? Do they like bright colours? In that case, they will love to try our Illuminated letters, they are big, bright and bold something which will definitely catch everyone’s eye as they enter the room.

What if the person has a sweet tooth? We have the perfect services on hand, ranging from:

Tempting, right?

The array of services we have on offer, means that your life is made easy! Their enjoyable, exciting and not to mention the exquisite taste, what’s not to love?

Like we mentioned, planning a surprise party doesn’t have to be difficult! All we want from you is to give us an insight of what the person may like to have, and we can do our best in advising you on what the best services which we think would suit that person.

Oh but wait…that isn’t all!

If none of the above services sound appetising or exciting enough, then don’t worry. There’s more!

When deciding what services to provide as a business, we had to put our minds in the heads of people who were planning a party. We had to think what would we want? As if a light bulb went off in our heads, we thought yes! We need something to quench our thirst.

Hold on! Hold on! Not just any old drink, something which you wouldn’t have any day, just like an after school Friday treat. That’s right you guessed it; Slush Machines and Milkshakes. This fun, energising drink will be sure to keep the kids hyper and the grandparents dizzy for days!

Don’t allow the fear of planning a surprise party, prevent you from creating an amazing day for whoever it may be. Visit Cloud 9 Events in Oxford today, and we will help create you magical memories!

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