Popular Products

Our Popular Products

From tasty treats that tickle your fancy, all the way to mouth-watering swigs that will swallow you up. Our popular products are definitely one of a kind to say the least. We offer something for everyone, whether you’re the 80 year old grandma who likes a relaxed evening, or the crazy 18 year old that is always the first one up for a dance. Have a little read of our article below to find out what we offer, and how we can tempt you…

Our All-Time Classics

We have been established for many years now, standing strongly by our end goal of making the customer’s experience a happier and more enjoyable moment. Some of the products we offer have been a classic to our company and our existing customers. For example, our charming chocolate fountain has been here since the very start, and is still an ongoing favourite. It’s an enjoyable treat for the whole family!

As our company progressed, we decided it was time to introduce more provoking products. This is where our Slush Machine comes into play. It’s suppress and smooth texture has been a talked about moment since it first arrived. Our customers couldn’t get enough of it

Do Any of These Take your Fancy?

We have a longer list of many event hire Oxford services to choose from, catering for everybody. Whether you’re planning your friend’s pre- wedding party. Or it may be your child’s 10 birthday party, we are sure to have something for you here. Below are a few more..

Now, if these don’t seem tempting enough, then we don’t know what is! All of these services have proven to be a success. All of our customers have come back to us with how pleased they are of how well their event went.

We want you to have the same experience, get in contact with us today. Together, we can make your event magical.

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