Office Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas

3 Office Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas for 2017

It’s now October so that means that everyone is neglecting Halloween and already thinking about what they’re going to be doing for Christmas at the office Christmas party.

Unfortunately, for business owners, they now have a decision to make and its often one that takes a lot of time to confirm because there are so many options to consider.

Staff Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas

One of the important aspects to consider for an office Christmas party is everyone else’s interest. It’s important to make sure that everyone gets something out of the evening and has a good time.

Fortunately, we’ve created a few suggestions that should appeal to most offices and keep everyone entertained for the evening.

Private parties and entertainment:

Having your very own private party or function, strictly for employees and partners, completes one of the most popular forms of office Christmas party entertainment. This type of Christmas party is used for 80% of businesses in the UK and is generally a winner all round.

However, through throwing your own party, you’re then responsible for finding suitable entertainment for the evening. For large organisations in the capital, photo booth hire in London is generally a good choice and seems to go down well.

Each booth hire package will come with a selection of fun, light-hearted props and fancy dress outfits for employees to use and create great scenes for the photo booth to capture – you can then look back on them (a regret your decisions) the very next day.

Private singers and performers tend to do very well at private parties too, singing a selection of traditional Christmas songs and modern hits to get everyone up and involved.

Hospitality packages at an event:

An alternative to traditional Christmas parties is to take advantage of the great events that are organised and planned in nearby locations and arenas.

Local sports teams and music venues will also be running events and hospitality packages that can be very appealing to smaller teams of staff. Although hospitality packages are great, they’re also rather expensive.

A great example of a local hospitality package that is perfectly suited to a Christmas party would be a nearby racecourse, such as Towcester, just outside Milton Keynes.

Speciality parties and public events:

Another great way to enjoy Christmas with your colleagues is through specialist public parties and events that are organised near your office location.

A great example of this would be the casino themed nights and events that are run at Willen Lake in Milton Keynes. This year, there is a Monte Carlo themed staff Christmas party in which businesses are encouraged to dress to impress, enjoy a selection of food and enjoy the casino with fictitious money.

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