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How to Keep Your Kids Happy This Summer?

Now that summer is fast approaching us, although the weather these days does not seem to agree. Your kids are about to commence their six weeks summer holidays. When this time of year comes around there is probably three main things which goes around your mind. Anxious, nervous and apprehensive of what is about to come.

In this week’s blog, our team here at Cloud 9 Events have come together in discussing ‘How to Keep Your Kids Happy This Summer?’ With our event hire in Oxford services to choose from, you won’t find any bored children this summer with us.

Your Summer Guide

Let’s get straight to it, I mean you have a full six weeks to think about, we do not have any time to waste here!

If you’re not going on holiday this year, and you have decided to make the most out of our English weather, then we have some of the best services to serve you up a right treat this summer.

It’s summer! Why not have a BBQ? This a great event for the summer, one where you can invite the whole family and indulge in our Chocolate Fountain in Bicester. Or if you have more of a sweet tooth, then our Milkshake Machine in High Wycombe will definitely be up your street.

If a BBQ doesn’t sound like something you’ll be interested in this year, then why not have some of your children’s friends over for the day? We have some of the most suitable and entertaining event services which will definitely be practical for you. Starting off with our Popcorn Machine. This tasty treat is definitely something which they children, and proven to be parents as well do not mind a bit of Popcorn. Not only this, to quench your thirst summer, why not indulge in our Slush Machines in Oxford? Healthy, tasty and full of flavour!

Benefits of Our Services

These services are brilliant for keeping your children happy this summer, below we have gathered some relevant points as to why they are beneficial for you this summer, take a look.

  • Unlimited Popcorn
  • Choice of Chocolate To Suit Your Needs
  • Available at Reduced Rates
  • 100% Fresh Milk
  • No Artificial Colours/Flavourings
  • Low Sugars & Fats

We could go for hours telling you why our services are not only entertaining for your children, but how you won’t find another company who takes into consideration their health and well-being. If you are interested further in our Event Hire services, then please feel free to get in touch with us today and we will be happy to help.

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