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From extravagant weddings to children’s birthday parties, we do it all! Here at Cloud 9 Events, we are the number 1 Event and Wedding hire company. We cater for people all of ages and from all walks of life, we strive to make each event unique and specifically designed to suit everyone’s personality.

Well…Who are we?

The magical idea all started from mine and my wife’s wedding day. We wanted our special day to be different, we knew we had a lot of people coming. Family from both sides, a mixture of young children and mature adults. We thought amongst ourselves, how can we entertain everyone?

In addition to this, we too didn’t want the day to be at all boring. So, as if a light bulb went off in our heads, we thought why not fun machines suitable for everyone enjoy. We looked around for ages trying to find the right ones, we are quite picky and especially my wife knows exactly what she wants. Anyway, long story short. We had all of the services which we provide today, and my wife and I both agree (on something at last) that our wedding day was the most; exciting, enjoyable and entertaining day of our lives.

What we have to offer?

After we had our special day, we wanted to share our memories and feelings with everyone. We believed that everyone should have the option to turn their birthday party or wedding day, into something they will never forget. At Cloud 9 Events in High Wycombe, we provide the following services:

Even though they may seem a little bit for the younger generation, that doesn’t stop anyone! I tell you now, my grandmother had a great time getting in that Photo Booth. We offer something for everyone. If we can contribute to making your event that little bit more special, then that is what we do best!

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