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Top Entertainment Ideas for Any Community Event

Community events are great for a number of reasons. They promote happiness, build a positive vibe around a particular charity and even help locals get to know each other a little better than they already do.

So how do you keep everyone happy?

The trick to answering this question is to not get so held up on keeping everyone happy because it’s not going to happen. No matter what you do, there will almost always be someone that isn’t 100% satisfied with what’s happening and that’s nothing against you or your teams planning skills.

However, you can do whatever it takes to keep the majority happy with a selection of proven community event entertainment ideas.

Organising a Community Event:

At any community event, there’s going to be a crowd so health and safety should be high, if not the first thing on your to-do list. Make sure that your desired location has enough emergency exits and evacuation routes.

If your event is outside, make sure that the area is well signposted so that any attendees know where to go in the event of an emergency.

It’s worth including a “lost child” area. Encourage parents with young children to understand how it works and what both the children and they need to do if they lose one another.

Now the health and safety aspects are out of the way, lets get into the fun stuff. During this guide, we’re going to look into and discuss the pros and cons of different community event entertainment ideas.

Photo Booth

Photo Booths and Fancy Dress:

Now a photo booth probably isn’t high up on your list of ideas, however, you should consider it nonetheless. A photo booth hire in London is a great way to engage both kids and parents. Not to mention that it’s a great opportunity for families to create some fun memories and take home a physical copy of the images that they take.

Granted, physical photo booth hires aren’t cheap, however, there are other options available. Have you considered an inflatable photobooth?

These act just as the physical ones, but are a lot cheaper to setup, run and maintain during a community event. Most rental companies will provide a member of staff to help manage the booth too, which is an added bonus.

Face Painting:

Now what child doesn’t love to have their face painted just like their favourite superhero or princess?

. . . and lets be honest, you mums love a face painting session too.

Face painting at a community event always seems to go down well as its relatively cheap, easy to implement and is suitable for families with both boys and girls.

For any community event, keeping kids occupied goes a long way in being successful, and face painting does exactly that.

Escape from an Escape Room . . .

Escape rooms and team challenges have really blown up and become extremely popular in 2017. With the return of the nations favourite team challenge game show, “The Crystal Maze” they have really taken off.

The only downside that we can think of is the costs involved with implementing it at a community event. They are usually placed inside at a physical location, making it difficult to use at an outside family day.

Although, if you can get one at your event, you’re certainly going to attract the dads and their friends.

Raffle Tickets

Raffles and Charity Challenges:

Now we’ve been to our fair share of community events and there is almost always a raffle draw of some kind, and they work consistently.

They’re a great way to incorporate everyone from mums and dads, young children and grandparents. For as little as a pound in some cases, you can purchase a small line or raffle tickets and win some great prizes donated by local businesses.

There are also lots of charities active at local events. It’s a great way to boost donations and awareness for certain diseases and schemes.

Setting up charity-based challenges is a great way to encourage engagement and increase donations. The ALS ice bucket challenge was a viral challenge that boosted the awareness of the disease by an incredible amount.

At first, people took part in the challenges because it was “trending”.

It wasn’t until a few weeks had passed that people started to understand what ALS was and how it affected so many people. You could even incorporate two different entertainment ideas, use a photo booth hire in Oxford to record or take pictures of your challenges and share them on social media.

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