Pink Candy Floss At An Event

8 ways to make your event memorable

Whether you are planning a birthday party, corporate event, or wedding, you want to make sure your event is unique and memorable – for both you and your guests! An easy way to accomplish this is to incorporate Oxford Event Hire. The addition of a chocolate fountain, photo booth, or popcorn machine can take your event from dull to FUN in an instant! Check out what we think are a few of our best event hire services for your next memorable event.

Chocolate Fountain:

Chocolate fountains can easily be the highlight of anyone’s night at an event. It is a fun, impressive, and delicious way to reward your guests for attending. Adults and children can mix and match what they like to eat with the warm chocolate that flows from a fountain. If you want to impress your guests, think about having a Chocolate Fountain. They’re known to be tasty, elegant, and a great value!

Photo Booth:

Any birthday party, holiday party, or wedding is guaranteed to be a sure-fire success with your guests if you have a photo booth. If your event is not jam packed with things to do or additional attractions, it can quickly get boring for your attendees. Why not take away some of the pressure that is on you to be an amazing host by incorporating a photo booth? They almost always have a queue to get in but when guests come out, they are always smiling; so much so, they come back over and over again! A Photo Booth suitable for all ages and is a great idea for favours – a fun memory captured to last forever.

Illuminated Letters:

Add a touch of sparkle to any event with Illuminated Letters! Whether you’re opting for a romantic and glamorous feel or a quirky and retro vibe, illuminated letters make the perfect first impression for any event, especially weddings. They also double as a beautiful background for ‘couple photos’ and are definitely worthy of being featured on your guests’ Instagram accounts.


Want a healthy and fat free way to keep your guests talking about your event? Consider hiring Popcorn Services! The warm and sweet irresistible aroma of popcorn can quickly fill any room. Popcorn can also come in a range of different flavours – sweet, salted, plain, or caramel. There’s something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds and we’re sure your guests will remember you for it!

Candy floss:

If you don’t think popcorn will satisfy your guests, what about hours of freshly spun candy floss? Who doesn’t love candy floss? We know it would be a hit at any event! You can even request to change the colour of the Candy Floss to compliment your event’s colour scheme – a great option for themed parties.

Pick N Mix:

Candy buffets and Pick N Mix stands are quickly becoming a popular and trendy option for events. They can be easily customized to suit your own personal taste. Whether you like Cola bottles, Bon Bons, or Flying Saucers, a candy buffet or Pick N Mix stand can delight adults and children alike!

Slush Machine:

Planning an event that will be taking place on a hot summer’s day? You need to make sure your guests stay hydrated and having a Slush Machine is one way of doing so! Slush’s are sweet, tasty, cooling and fun. With a slush machine, you don’t have to worry about ice, a blender, or a huge mess. It’s ideal for a busy event in the summer and your guests will definitely appreciate you helping them stay cool!


If you’re not crazy about fruity beverages, consider indulging your guests in thick and creamy Milkshakes. They’re made with 100% fresh milk and you can get them in a variety of flavours including vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, and banana. Milkshakes are a sweet and yummy option for making your next event stand out from the rest.

We plan and attend so many events in our lifetime – it’s easy to say “been there, done that.” At your next event, try incorporating event hire services. Once you do, we know you won’t regret it! You and your guests will remember the birthday party, corporate event, or wedding for years to come.

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