Children's Party

5 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained

  • “Mum?”
  • “Yes, Dear?”
  • You have solved the issue. A few minutes later, you hear, “Mum?”
  • “Yes, Sweetheart?”
  • You have yet again come to your child´s rescue, all the while eating cake!
    And just when you thought you were beginning to enjoy yourself, you hear, “Mum!”
  • “What is it this time?!”
  • Dads experience it too. Such is the life of a parent or guardian.
    • You, as the parent or guardian, need the time to enjoy a party more than actually be needed.
      In fact, because Cloud 9 Events understands how much adults deserve to have a good time just as much as their children do, here are 5 ways to keep kids entertained:

      1. “We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams,” said Willy Wonka. Everyone loves the movie so why not bring some of it to life into your party planning via Cloud 9 Events? Although chocolates and goodies are a “no-no” for children on a normal day, parties are not normal days. Both adults and children can be dreamers of dreams with a chocolate fountain or fountains! Candy floss also comes in assorted flavors. For adults, it brings childhood memories back and for children, it is like a magic trick in their mouths.

      2. Sometimes, children need to time to cool off from the heat of guests or personal issues so slush’s and milkshakes are a great cooling option! Not only that, but they also get protein from fresh milk and it will sweeten their moodiness.

      3. As much energy as children consume and exude, that is how much fun they will have watching popcorn pop before they take a handful for snack time which is any time during a party! Cloud 9 Events provides this buttery delight vintage-style.

      4. Children love to be the boss of their parents or guardians so why not give them the authority…the authority to pick and mix any and every kind of goodies they want to fill up their bags with! They get a chance to be independent and creative thinkers. Heck, you, as parents and guardians get a break too.

      5. Now…how to turn those frowns into goofy smiles, those grumpy winces into cheesy pouts and those cheeky looks into poses for the camera? Cloud 9 Events provides photo booth service with the opportunity for children to be their silly selves and even dress up!

      To keep children entertained, Cloud 9 Events in Oxford encourages them to yell “Yummy” instead of “Mummy” every few minutes! Even more, they can be their own selves via the photo booth or develop into independent thinkers via the pick and mix! Whatever form of entertainment, it is guaranteed that both adults and children will be having a fun time during the party.

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