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Steps to Planning the Perfect Party

Planning the perfect soiree is not child’s play, it requires critical thinking and vigorous planning. How you plan and prepare for your party goes a long way, it determines whether it will be smooth sailing or disastrous. In this article, we discuss ‘Steps to Planning the Perfect Party’ to make it that little bit easier for you.


Choosing the right theme for your party makes it so much simpler to decide on the decoration that would best suit your party. Also think, ‘Is it close to Christmas?’, ‘Is it Halloween?’, ‘Birthday party?’ All of these elements affect what type of theme you are going to have. For example, if you decide with a Halloween theme, then the traditional black and orange, with pumpkin infested house decorations would probably go best, then maybe add some scary figurines in the front of your house and some jack o lanterns. This technique will pull everything in your party together, and this same type of rule applied to any theme will make things easier for you. Think of the colour, most themes usually have distinct colours dedicated to it, such as Christmas, Red, Green, Gold and White are the colours typically used. If you want to spruce this up, you could even add Illuminated Letters somewhere spelling the words ‘Christmas’, this can also potentially bring everything together. If it’s a birthday party for a little girl, then consider a princess theme, with Baby Pink, Light Purple, Silver and White as a colour scheme. If you want to know more efficient ways of planning a party, then read on!


Before you do anything after picking a theme, you need to have a tight budget. A budget means you will not overspend and it is a good planning skill. It allows you to decide which things are more important than others, and helps to find the best deals on party supplies.


Again this goes nicely with whatever you decide you want your party theme should be. Having cards that you do not have to read to know the theme is a great way of getting people excited beforehand. A card that required close analyzation can come across as a bit dull. Make it extravagant! And most of all make it fun. If, Like mentioned prior, you are having a Halloween party, then you could decide on the colour scheme associated with Halloween, just to make it a little more creative. You could also add in any special instructions, like if you want your guests to dress up or tell them the theme so they can dress accordingly, you will certainly have fun with this.


The location can be expensive depending on where you want to have it, but if you feel your house is big enough to host your party, then go for it! However, even if it is, but you don’t feel like you want it to get messy, then renting out a hall can be very easy but a lot more expensive. The advantage of having a hall is that you are guaranteed a bigger space so all your guest can fit in, and most halls come with kitchens so any last minute snacks or meals can be quickly dished out. However, a disadvantage of this is that, if any guests break anything- depending on how wild your party gets- fixing this won’t be cheap and the owner will not be happy. So it is good to review whether getting a hall for your party will be a worthwhile investment, or if you prefer hosting the party in your home.


Again this depends on the theme you decide to go for, but one thing is for sure, everyone loves music, playing distinct songs can positively emphasise the theme of your party. If you decide to have a Christmas party, there are many songs out there dedicated to Christmas, and it might be fun to watch everyone sing along loudly to Christmas Carols, it can potentially lighten the mood. However, don’t forget to add a few other songs into the mix and you could even hire a DJ for the night, they know all the best contemporary songs, to really have your guests screaming. Another form of entertainment is adding a photo booth. They are so much fun and a great way to retain some memories for both you and your guests; everyone will absolutely love this!

Food and Drink

Food and Drinks are one of the most essential elements of a party. What you serve your guests emphasises the type of party you are throwing. For example, sweets and slushy, milkshakes, popcorn are typically served at casual, less formal parties and always go down well. However, if you are throwing a more sophisticated party, then small snacks like crackers and/or a wooden board with different cheeses will definitely impress, and for drinks wine or champagne could be an option. Food and drinks can also be fitted with the theme. Usually, during a holiday like Halloween, most dishes are transformed into scary cuisines, same taste but a different look and name, this always makes the food more fun!

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