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Must-haves you need for your Party

Of course, every party is different, but there are a few must-haves you need for throwing your party, from food to decor, We discuss a list of important items you need.

Preparation is crucial

Throwing a party on a whim is the last thing you want to do. Knowing the details of what you want out of your party to the last will help your organisation. Knowing the when, where and who’s can really help throw you a big bash. Even if planning is not your forte, there are several Event Hire companies nationally such as Event Hires in Oxford, to help you out!


The question is, what are they going to eat? The type of food you serve completely depends on the type of party you’re throwing. If you’re throwing a sophisticated party, then for food I would suggest hor d’oeuvres as a starter, then as the as the night progresses, you could then serve shrimp cocktails or even smoked trout three ways. Or if you are hosting a party for children, then I recommend a chocolate fountain, this can be found all over the country, there are Chocolate fountain providers in Wycombe as well as Bicester.


I’m sure you’re fully aware that Entertainment brings the party to life. No one wants a dull atmosphere. Your entertainment can come in many forms. If your party is one for teens, then I suggest a number of things:
Number one thing being music, preferably the one on the charts- You know how teens are about their music- Upbeat music with speakers, to really liven up the party. The second things I suggest is a photo booth, this service is offered in many places nationally, like photo booths in Oxford are highly popular. Then for the sophisticated party, I would suggest light dinner music, not too loud where you can feel the base at your feel, but just airy, maybe piano music would suffice, or if you have the budget, you could hire a band that could gently play their music in the background while your party is going on.


For this one, it doesn’t matter what kind of party you intend to throw. It is essential. No one likes lukewarm drinks, so let’s keep it chill. Having a cooler packed with ice means you can keep your drinks nice and cool for your guests throughout the whole party. Whether your guests are Kids, Teens or Adults, a nice cold drink always takes the cake.

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