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How to throw a Winter Party

Though the weather may be frightful, why should it stop you from having fun? With proper planning and activities, throwing a party in the snow can still be as fun as throwing one in the sun. Read our article ‘How to throw a Winter Party’, to know how to plan and execute the perfect winter party.


You could come up with a theme for your winter party instead of the typical ‘winter wonderland’ theme. They could be funny or entertaining, such as an ugly sweater themed party, this keeps your guests warm as well as making your party comical. Another theme could be Halloween, seeing as it is coming up recently, getting your guests to dress up might be fun, but ultimately it is up to you!


An essential part of any party, whether you are throwing a summer party or a winter party. Playing upbeat music will keep your guests moving, which in turn will keep them warm too. As well as keeping your guests warm, music undoubtedly livens up the party. Throwing in modern music as well as a few throwbacks will certainly earn you some screams.


Serving hot food such as soups will do well to keep your guests warm. Adding savoury snacks like biscuits gives them something to different to eat. For drinks, hot tea or coffee would suffice, or for those who don’t mind the cold, you could serve milkshakes or a slushy, this also goes in line with the weather and will help promote your theme.


During the winter, it gets dark very quickly, but why should it stop you? Adding fairy lights before it gets dark will make your party beautiful when it does eventually get dark. Even adding illuminated letters maybe saying ‘winter’ across your event could add to the beauty of your party.

Fire pits

A perfect way for keeping your guests warm and bringing them together. You all could tell scary stories around the fire (seeing as it’s close to Halloween) and roast some marshmallows. Just be sure to keep any children away from the fire, just to avoid any accidents.

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