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How to plan a Work Christmas Party

Having a Christmas party with work colleagues is not uncommon, and if you find yourself being in charge of planning the party, then read our article ‘How to plan a Work Christmas Party’, to give a few ideas on how to plan this party. No one wants an awkward atmosphere, where you are nervously shuffling around with plastic cups, trying to avoid eye contact with your colleagues or your boss. To avoid all of this, and throw the most lively and unforgettable work Christmas party, read on!

Get planning!

You may think, planning a small party with your co-workers is an easy task, but just to make sure everything goes as smoothly as you imagine, planning is essential. Make sure you know the day that is best suited to everyone and getting a few ideas from them can be good to help you plan. No one wants to be known as ‘that’ guy who hosts the worst parties!


Having a theme for your party can be a great chance to add a bit of humour to the occasion, but of course, this all depends on the theme you choose. You can go for an ugly Christmas jumper theme, this will definitely lighten the mood, and later you can even decide who wore the ugliest jumper. Just give your colleagues something to talk about even long after the party is over.

Not in the office!

I know this may be the easiest choice, but you and your co-workers potentially see your office environment every day! So change it up a little bit, find a location that is easy to find, maybe you could even consider hosting it at your house if you want to, just be prepared to clean up a lot of mess! Or if you decide you do not want your immaculate house messy, a restaurant is a great venue, try and find one that isn’t too expensive but just right by everyone’s budget, or a restaurant that is too far away as people will be less reluctant to come.

Fantastic Menu

If you decide on hosting the party at your house, then remember that food and drinks must be enough for the night. For the beginning of the party you could lay out some light snacks like popcorn, and depending on the type of co-workers you have, a fun pick ‘n’ mix. Later on, you can unleash the heavier stuff with some heavier foods such as a roast or anything else you have in mind!


As well as the odd Christmas tree, try and spruce up your home a little bit if you are hosting there. Everyone loves lights, so try adding some illuminated letters around your home to brighten it up a little bit and if your house is big enough and if you have the budget, maybe go the extra mile and add in a photo booth so that every great moment can be captured. Your work colleagues won’t stop talking about this for weeks!

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