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How to Plan a Bridal Shower

Planning the perfect bridal shower for the bride isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are many aspects that you need to think about and plan, from the location to the food and the guests. Carry on reading to find out ‘How to Plan a Bridal Shower‘.


For the bridal shower, you need to bear in mind a theme or a group activity. Ask the bride what she would like, don’t make her feel uncomfortable and think of something everyone would enjoy before making plans to go bungee jumping!

Date, Time and Location

Pick a date early on. Choose a date and time where most, if not everyone would be able to come. Most bridal showers happen between two months to two weeks before the wedding.
Select a location where everyone can get to easily, maybe don’t choose somewhere hours away as a lot of people may not be able to travel far. Also, think about the transport and how the guests are going to travel to the location.


Think about how you are going to decorate your location. Think about things like lights, balloons or banners or you could have illuminated letters or a photo booth to capture all the memories.

Guests and Invitations

Ask the bride for the wedding guest list as you don’t want to invite someone that the bride and groom have not invited to attend the wedding.
Send out invitations in advance. If you give the invitations out in advance, it will give the guests time to check their schedules.


Provide guidelines for gifts as the guests may not know what to give to the bride. Get the bride to create a list of items that would be helpful that include some budgeted items to give to guests to have an idea of what the bride needs.


Think about buying/making little gifts or favours to give to the guests coming to the shower.

Food and Drink

Make sure there are some food and drink available to have. You could have an array of food to nibble such as a pick n mix table or a range of things including a chocolate fountain and some popcorn on or a full blown meal.


Have a loose plan, don’t make it detailed and strict – have fun! Know what you are going to during the bridal shower and at the beginning, middle and end but don’t stick to it minute by minute. Having an idea would be useful during the moments where people are doing nothing.

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