Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Party Games – 5 Fun Party Games for Kids This October

It’s October and that means one thing – it’s time to get your fancy dress orders placed, zombie make-up prepared and those sweet treats organised for the illusive trick or treaters. However, a lot of parents enjoy throwing parties for themselves and their children, creating fun and exciting Halloween party games for everyone to enjoy.

Unfortunately, organising a Halloween party isn’t easy – It takes a lot of preparation, patience and a willingness to clean up the debris from the night before afterwards.

Halloween party ideas for kids parties

To help you out we’ve created a short list of fun party games that you can use at any kids Halloween party. Simply follow the instructions below for a fun and spooky night!

Spooky tin can bowling:

All you need to create the perfect tin can bowling arena is a small selection of clean tin cans; around six will be more than enough, decorative paints and any decorative features.

Start by cleaning out the tin cans and peeling the paper from the original product off – this will make it considerably easier when you start to decorate them later on.

Use your selection of decorative paints to provide the Halloween tins with a little colour. We find that the best colours associated with Halloween are Black, White, Orange, Purple and Green. Of course you can decorate them however you like.

Some common themes for paintwork designs include Frankenstein, Haunted Pumpkins and Ghosts. Make sure that you allow plenty of time for the paint to dry before you begin with the smaller details.

Use bandages to wrap around the tins to create a “Mummy” effect or use some googly eyes to add some facial features to your designs. Once you’re happy, stack up your cans and away you go! You could get a scoring system or leader board put together and provide a prize for the winner.

Bandaged “Mummy” skittles:

You don’t need to be a creative genius to get to grips with this party game. Just like the traditional skittles games, you simply need to knock down as many of the skittles as you can with one ball.

To start, go ahead and purchase a set of miniature skittles online. You’ll be able to get some from Amazon or eBay relatively cheaply.

When they arrive, simply wrap them in bandages and glue the excess wrapping to the rear of each one. Add some basic googly eyes and you’re sorted – a classic Halloween party game created in minutes – what’s not to love?!

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Games

Create a pumpkin golf tournament:

Who doesn’t love a little mini golf? It’s something we love here in the UK so why not make a couple of changes and create a spooky Halloween themed mini golf course for your party?

All you need are half a dozen to a dozen pumpkins – real or artificial, it doesn’t really matter, simply go with what you prefer to carve. If you do use a real pumpkin, make sure that you scoop it and hollow it before you start to carve.

Create a number of facial expressions and designs on paper before you start and sketch them onto the pumpkins. Make sure that the mouth is low as the ball will need to be able to roll directly into the bottom of the pumpkin.

When you’re happy – carve the designs and give it a practice go. Take a few practice efforts to see what needs to be changed and make any alterations to carvings.

Pumpkin trick or treat:

To get things moving with the poke a pumpkin trick or treat, you’re going to need at least 22 mini plastic cups complete with 11 tricks and 11 treat prizes.

Using a wooden panel backboard, simply glue the 22 plastic cups to the board and randomly place a trick or treat into each cup. Layer each cup with orange tissue paper, wrapping a rubber band around the edge of the cup to secure them into position.

Each child can then take it in turns to “poke” each pumpkin and collect their trick or treat prize.

The ultimate mummy relay race:

I don’t know about you but any Halloween party we threw almost always included a highly competitive “Mummy” relay race. All you need for this is plenty of toilet roll and an independent line judge for the finish . . .

Pair up your guests and provide them with 3-4 rolls each with some emergency ones available on the side. When everyone is in position and ready to go each pair will race to completely wrap their partner in paper before making a mad dash for the finish line.

The winning team will be the pair that has the best dressed mummy and crossed the finish line first.

Alternative party ideas include Halloween party booths from companies that specialise in photo booth hire in London with a selection of packages available.

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