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Decor trends for 2017 Weddings

As the New Year begins, so do new trends. In our new article, we will be discussing ‘Decor trends for 2017′, to give you a few ideas!

Different Weddings

There are different themes used for weddings, and not just the typical ‘White Wedding’. Today people are getting more and more creative with their themes, and they look more spectacular than ever. In our article, we discuss some of the new wedding trends. Read to find out more!

Rustic Theme

This gives off a ‘Walt Disney Princess Aurora’ feel. It involves being one with nature as well as your bride or groom, and there are many examples of these beautiful rustic themed weddings. This theme provides a certain aesthetic, with the use of typical nature decoration such as wooden letters or hanging fairy lights and birds and creates a very unique wedding.

Rustic Wedding

Metallic Theme

With this theme, the use of metallic decorations and furniture is widely used. Gold, silver and bronze are a perfect blend especially against white. The amazing thing about this trend is that they can be incorporated into any style as they are amazingly versatile. Gold cups, chairs and silverware create an atmosphere of sophistication and reminds us of Greek toga parties. You can showcase huge metallic pieces or small subtle trinkets as they still make the same beautiful statement.

Metallic Silverware


As the years increase more and more people are opting for photo booths in their weddings and for a good reason. They can easily capture the beautiful moments between guests and really bring out people’s fun side as well creating a more relaxing atmosphere which we believe is key for weddings. Here at Cloud 9 Events we offer our Photo-booths in Oxford for any event including weddings at cost effective prices!

Wedding Couple having fun


There are many uprising themes this year, and they are all beautiful. You can really bring out your personality by going for a specific theme and just make your wedding unlike the rest. Be different, be unique and let it shine through your wedding!

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