About Our Popcorn Service

Cloud 9 Events provides Popcorn hire in Oxford and the surrounding areas for any occasion. All popcorn is healthy and fat free, making our popcorn irresistible for anyone. Especially when prices start from as low as £295!

Based in the heart of Oxford, Cloud 9 Events offers excellent value for money with a choice of Different flavours. With the warm and sweet irresistible aroma of popcorn filling the room, this service is guaranteed to draw your guest’s in. and what makes it even more tempting is that Popcorn makes a perfect healthy treat as it contains virtually no fat at all! So you can indulge all you like without feeling guilty!

Popcorn is also a great balance for your guests when purchased with one or more of our delicious sweet treats, why not pair it with candy flosschocolate fountain or pick n mix.
From a range of different flavours…sweet, salted, plain or caramel we have everything to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

  • A commercial 8oz popcorn machine
  • Popcorn boxes
  • Unlimited popcorn
  • Self option hire available
  • Uniformed Operators Included

Prices Starting from £295

  • Standard Price Based on4 hours
  • Add an Hour Just£50
  • Available At Reduced Rates For Multiple Events

Our sleek machines come complete with a food-hygiene passed server and enough ingredients to make unlimited popcorn to distribute to your guests for the duration of the event.

Our popcorn machines look great sitting side by side with a chocolate fountain and is such a tempting and delicious way to treat guests, giving them something a little different. Or Why not give your guests the real Fun Fair experience and hire both popcorn cart and candyfloss machine, to ensure a fun and memorable event.

Standard pricing based on up to 4 hours operational time, extra hour just £50, extra idle hour just £25.

**Self-hire options also available from £99 including corn, cones and oil – email Sales@cloud-9-events.co.uk for more information on this service**.

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